Wednesday, 21 August 2013


well, not only am I doing a fancy internship with The Dune Group, it is positioned just off one of the biggest, most exciting shopping meccas in the world... Oxford Street!! Some may say I should revel in this and take it all in, but my bank account just can't take much more!!!!

When I attended the Fashion Retail Academy three years ago, I couldn't believe my luck that I was studying at a college just round the corner from the coveted Topshop flagship store and the infamous Selfridges but I soon learnt the lessons of restraint... Something I haven't picked up so quickly this time round!

So enough with sounding like a boring, penniless, struggling student, I want to show you my recent purchase (of course.. When have i ever not got a new purchase?!) from Forever 21, my second favourite fast fashion - I couldn't place anyone above Zara now, could i?!

Forever 21, originally from the US, currently has 7 stores here in the UK - I have only visited the Oxford Street one which dons an AMAZING accessories lounge fit for a Princess of bargain buying!!

I couldn't deny my wrists and fingers of this gorgeous black and gold studded cuff (which can be stretched smaller or bigger depending on your wrist size) and this cute dainty '&' sign gold ring! 

Let me know what you think..

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