Sunday, 28 July 2013


eBay... Where to start, you definitely either love it or you hate it! I'm slowly coming around to it again, with the aggressive bidding wars becoming a little to much for me I had some eBay time out!

So, as you can tell I'm a lover of jewellery (or as my Boyfriend puts it - a lover of spending money) but thankfully this little purchase was a bargain! An absolute one at that, HEL-LO £1.99 for a gorgeous gold wishbone necklace.

I obviously didn't have £50 lying around to splash out on the 'Dogeared' equivalent (wish must I add was out of stock on Asos even if I had wanted to!) so I headed to eBay. The resemblance is uncanny - the necklace even came with the small wishbone message!! I think this purchase is going to turn me into a serial eBay spender again... Uh oh!

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