Monday, 22 July 2013


My trip to H&M in my lunch breaks never bodes well for my empty bank balance, but i'm a sucker for a bargain - I mean, lets be honest, who isn't? When I see that red and white reduced sticker, my little fashion focused heart jumps! Ahhh I can't resist, but thankfully this time I left the store with only two new purchases - good going for me!

I decided on a cute violet and cream floral pair of trousers and a new pair of jeans. With this beautiful weather still looming I wanted some fresh and colourful trousers to brighten up my work outfits, and i'm still into my summer pastels so this was the perfect choice! Plus, they looked great with all my smart jackets!

The jeans - ahh! So, i'm a jeans kinda girl, in the winter I live in them, i like to dress them down with smart black riding boots or converse and then in the evening pair them with some court heels. I think jeans are the most versatile garment in a girls wardrobe - THE staple. From working at River Island throughout my teens, wearing jeans were our work uniform and I fell in love with their cut and the way they fit my figure. Because I wear them so often I start to form a very sad and embarrassing bond with them. 

After stupidly allowing my Boyfriend to teach me the correct technique of squats, whilst wearing my jeans.. I of course split them! It wasn't the fact that I had to pay for another pair it was the trauma of jean shopping and trying to find another perfect fit! I went straight to River Island and was devastated to find that all the skinny jeans were just not same cut at the top, as my previous pair. After getting my strop on many a times whilst shopping, I finally found the ones, and in H&M which I was extremely surprised at considering I always believed their denim jean sizing and shapes were always unflattering!! Well at £15 how could I go wrong?


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