Thursday, 11 July 2013


Oh lord, I have been so terrible with blogging this week! Working full time has been consuming me so huge apologies! It is so difficult to find some down time when you work 38 hours a week, and juggled with ensuring your doing your daily girlfriend and friend duties!! Saying that, I did find a few minutes to buy a new necklace - shock horror!

I have this thing about necklaces - I've always been a jewellery person, I remember having overflowing jewellery boxes (the ones with the rotating ballerina - blast from the past!) as a young girl, filled to the brim with extendible rings, friendship bracelets and endless amounts of diamond costume jewels. I sometimes find myself buying jewellery for the sake of it! I have so many earrings and bracelets that I don't even wear but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them - all for that 'just in case I need it for that certain outfit' moment..

So, my necklace, love love love!! It was only a little buy from New Look believe it or not - and it was only £6 which I think is unbelievably reasonable! I'm always on the look out for affordable jewellery that looks expensive. In the past, I have found amazing necklaces in Primark, which I have NEVER seen another girl wearing, and I always make sure I have a browse in the accessorize sales as you can pick up lovely girly statement pieces for under £10! I fell in love with the necklace straight away, it reminded me so much of Nicole Richies House of Harlow coveted jewellery. I adore her pieces as they are so art deco and interesting! In homage to my new necklace purchase (and to many more!) I thought I would debut some of my favourites.


  1. love your necklaces! the first one is awesome :) x

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  3. Thank you very much girls! I'm happy you're both enjoying my posts, I will be sure to follow yours :)

    Megan xo