Thursday, 4 July 2013


Just the simple word Chanel excites every sense inside of me! I am a die hard Chanel fan - I would probably be able to see the double C logo a mile off. This is probably quite an embarrassing fact about myself, but when visiting Paris last summer with a friend, I got so worked up and emotional about being outside the first Chanel store I welled up! It was something about the swooping stairs and the picture of Coco hanging beside that bannisters that set me off! I had always dreamed about being able to visit this store and my dream had been granted! (one less thing on the bucket list!).

Chanel oozes everything I feel a woman should be - demure, sophisticated, classic and mysterious. I think it is most Women's fashion ambition in life to own a Chanel 2.55 bag, myself included - I don't want just one, I aspire to own them in every colour made!

I love watching and analysing the Chanel shows each season. Not only do they produce such incredible garments, they create an event which is unlike any runway show. They continue to exceed themselves from the season before. 

This year, Karl Lagerfeld presented Chanels Haute Couture autumn/winter 2013-14 collection in Paris' Grand Palais. The show was a concept of a crumbling, decrepit theatre room. Many suggest that the 'falling apart' idea has political and economic meaning behind it all, with regards to Frances current state.

Ah so happy that the tweed jacket continues to grace the Chanel collections - I feel that this collection was all about texture with inclusions of the drop waisted dresses (very 1920s Great Gatsby) and the focusing of wide waist belts. The layering conception was in full force with skirts teamed over beautifully embellished dresses.


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