Sunday, 30 June 2013


Ahh the jacket! I remember being 12 and thinking 'urgh women who wear jackets are either old or conservative, that will never be me'. Oh how the fashion cycle evolves.. I don't think I know any young girl who doesn't own a jacket? I would label the jacket as a classic staple and usually the perfect go to item for the boring job interview or important family dinner and so on, but this item is far more versatile!

I could wear my jackets day in, day out! I have to admit, I struggle to dress casual. I've never been a girl able to throw on a hoodie and jeans - i prefer the 'I have made an effort today' kinda look. I've got a little growing obsession with smart jackets at the moment (an obsession my bank balance is not thanking me for!) but I have found a way to incorporate them for every day activities! 

I love wearing my jackets with a well cut black/white tee with jeans and converse. This look is my attempt to appear casual - I feel the jacket adds an elegant and powerful touch to such a simple outfit.

I went to the pub with girlfriends on friday and couldn't resist debuting one of my new jackets (it was payday after all!!). My struggle was to ensure I didn't look to traditional, and ahem, dull and boring! My decision? Black disco pants, a white embroided cropped top, black stilettos, chanel bag and of course, the new tweed jacket. I feel the shape of the disco pants and cropped top allows the outfit to be sexy and womanly yet the jacket tones it down. There is nothing worse than people mistaking you for Sandy out of Grease! (Beware with the disco pants!)


  1. I love this jacket collection you've got going on!I got a bouclé one recently with leather sleeves that I can't stop wearing. It's all about the jacket!

    Gorgeous blog, now following! :)

    UK Fashion Blog

  2. Ah, thank you for your kind compliments! I would LOVE to see this boucle jacket! I will be following back to watch out for it :)

    Megan xo

  3. I used to have the exact same mentality and also love smart jackets now! Just wish I could afford more! Lovely outfit and blog, look forward to reading your future posts

    Alex x

  4. It's so easy just to cancel out certain garments but I don't know what I would do without my staple smart jackets!!
    I think H&M and Zara do the best affordable jackets :)
    Thank you, I really do appreciate that!!

    Megan xo